Tankless Air Compressor - How Does It Work?

tankless air compressor how it works

If you're sick of your air compressor taking up too much space in your garage, or if you're tired of lugging it around from job to job, then you may want to consider purchasing a tankless air compressor. These small, lightweight compressors are perfect for anyone who needs an air compressor but doesn't want the hassle of dealing with a tank. Here's everything you need to know about how tankless air compressors work.

What Is A Tankless Air Compressor?

A tankless air compressor is a type of air compressor that doesn't require a storage tank for operation. Instead, it uses an on-demand system to compress air as needed. This makes it more compact and portable than a traditional air compressor. Tankless air compressors are typically used for small, quick, and light jobs.

How Does A Tankless Air Compressor Work?

A tankless air compressor does not store air in a tank like a traditional air compressor. Instead, it compresses air on demand and delivers it directly to the tool or device being used. This type of compressor is powered by electricity and has a motor that drives a piston. The piston compresses the air as it moves up and down in the cylinder. The compressed air is then delivered through a hose to the tool or device being used. Tankless air compressors are more efficient than traditional ones because they don't waste energy storing air in a tank and they're also smaller as well as lighter, making them easier to move around.

Tank vs Tankless Air Compressor:

When it comes to air compressors, there are two main types: tank and tankless. Both tanks as well as tankless compressors have their own set of pros and cons that make them better or worse for different situations. Here’s a quick rundown of the differences between the two so you can decide which is right for you.

Tank Air Compressor:

The Tank air compressors are the more traditional type. They store compressed air in a tank, which gives them a few advantages. First, they can supply a large amount of air at once, making them great for big projects, and second, they don’t have to work as hard to maintain pressure, so they tend to be more durable and last longer. The downside of tank air compressors is that they’re not as efficient as tankless models and are loud. They also take up more space and can be heavier, making them less portable.

Tankless Air Compressor:

There are many advantages of tankless air compressors over traditional compressor tanks such as the tankless air compressors are smaller and more lightweight, making them easier to transport and are easier to store. They also don't require an air tank, which means they can be used in space-restricted areas and tankless air compressors have a longer lifespan than traditional air compressors because they don't have the wear and tear of an air tank. They're also quick to use as you can directly power them and they will start working right away, unlike tank air compressors which take a little longer to run.

A tankless air compressor also has some disadvantages. First, it is less powerful and cannot store as much air as a traditional air compressor. Second, it is not as durable as a traditional air compressor and is more likely to break down as it keeps running until you turn it off manually. Third, as it does not have an air tank that helps to store air for continuous use so the tankless compressor air pressure may show fluctuations as it has to run continuously to provide air to your tools.

So you might be wondering which one to choose between them I think you need to ask yourself some questions such as what are my work requirements or how much power do I need for the air tools to work and what is my budget by asking yourself some basic questions you will likely find the right air compressor for yourself.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

    Does A Tankless Air Compressor Need Certification?

    No, a tankless air compressor does not require certification.

    Can You Really Run An Air Compressor Without A Tank?

    There are options of tankless air compressors in the market which you can use if you don't want an air compressor with a tank.

    How Does An Air Compressor Tank Work?

    An air compressor tank is a pressure chamber that stores compressed air. The compressor pump draws air into the tank and compresses it. The compressed air is then stored in the air tank until it is needed for the work. When the air is needed, the compressed air is released from the tank and used to power tools or inflate tires.

    What Are Air Compressor Tanks Made Of?

    The air compressor tanks are usually made of either steel or aluminum.

    Why Are Air Compressor Tanks Round?

    For one, it’s a lot more structurally sound than other shapes. A cylinder can withstand more pressure than a square or rectangle of the same size and thickness. That’s because the pressure is evenly distributed across the surface of the tank. With a square or rectangle, the corners are weaker and more likely to buckle under pressure.


    The tankless air compressor is a great choice for those in need of an energy-efficient option and these units are ideal for light-duty applications and are small, lightweight, easy to use, as well as very quiet. When used as directed, the tankless air compressor can provide years of reliable service. If you found this article useful then please share this with others and have a nice day.

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