Who Makes Emax Air Compressors?

Who Makes Emax Air Compressors?

Air compressors are widely used in various industries and applications for generating compressed air for powering pneumatic tools and equipment. One of the popular brands of air compressors is EMAX, which is known for its quality, durability, and reliability.

In this article, I will explain who makes EMAX air compressors and provide some insights into the brand and its product range. So, without any further ado, let's take a look at it.

The History of EMAX Air Compressors:

EMAX is a brand of air compressors that has been in business for many years. The company was founded in 1977 by Marvin Cain in the United States and has since established itself as a leading manufacturer of air compressors and related products. Over the years, EMAX has expanded its product range to include a wide variety of tools for air compressors along with other accessories.

EMAX Air Compressors - Who Makes Them?

According to EMAX, their air compressors are made by themselves in the United States. The EMAX company states that the manufacturing & distribution facility is located in Englewood, Ohio, just outside of Dayton. EMAX Compressor sells its compressors and other air compressor-related products through retailers across the nation.

Product Range of EMAX Air Compressors:

EMAX air compressors are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations to suit different applications. The company offers both stationary as well as portable air compressors, and the product range also includes:

Rotary Screw Air Compressors:

EMAX offers a range of rotary screw air compressors that are designed for heavy-duty applications. These compressors are available in different configurations to suit your needs.

Portable Air Compressors:

They also offer a range of portable air compressors that are designed for on-site applications. These compressors are lightweight and easy to transport, making them ideal for construction and other outdoor applications.

Industrial Air Compressors:

EMAX includes industrial air compressors that are designed for heavy-duty applications in factories and workshops.

Quiet Air Compressor:

They also have powerful quiet air compressors in their range of compressors.

Gas Air Compressor:

In terms of gas compressors, they have limited options.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What types of air compressors does EMAX offer?

EMAX offers a variety of air compressors, including rotary screw compressors, portable air compressors, industrial compressors, quiet compressors, and gas-powered air compressors.

Who owns Emax compressors?

Matt Cain is the President of EMAX compressor.

What is the warranty on EMAX air compressors?

The warranty on EMAX air compressors varies depending on the model and type of compressor purchased. Typically, the warranty ranges from 1-5 or 10 years, and they also offer a lifetime extended warranty.

It's important to check the specific details of the warranty for the particular EMAX air compressor you are considering purchasing as the terms and conditions may differ.

Can EMAX air compressors be used for home use?

Yes, these air compressors can be used for home use, but they are primarily designed for commercial and industrial use.

How do I choose the right EMAX air compressor for my needs?

To choose the right EMAX air compressor, you should consider factors such as the type of work you will be doing, the amount of airflow you need, your budget, etc.

Where can I buy EMAX air compressors?

EMAX air compressors can be purchased from a variety of retailers, including online marketplaces like Amazon, Home Depot, Northern Tool, etc. It's important to check availability and pricing from multiple retailers to ensure you get the best deal and have access to the specific EMAX air compressor model you are interested in.

How do I maintain my EMAX air compressor?

To maintain your EMAX compressor, you should check and change the oil and filters, drain the tank of moisture, and inspect the hoses and fittings for leaks, etc.


EMAX air compressors are known for their quality, durability, and reliability and are widely used in various industries and applications. Whether you need a rotary screw air compressor for heavy-duty applications or a portable air compressor for on-site use, EMAX has a product that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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